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The Creative Process

About the Artist

Honoring the Past 

In the artistic realm of my Life, i'm Inspired to communicate and create tangible Love in the form of, one of a kind Works of Metal Art, functional and divine vessels for carrying The Light. Working Art Lighting Sculptures that are Infinitely Scale able, dramatically desirable, highly bespoke and customize able and so divinely beautiful, they activate more of Heavens Love into the Earth.

I'm Inspired when my eyes are locked on the Light. Seeking to receive inspiration, discern, refine and honor my unique design and reason for being here. Allowing me to get in position and live it out from my internal sweet spot. Surrendered to the Co-creative process of The Fathers Will for my life and the People I've been assigned to Serve.

Displaying His Love and Glory through the honor and privilege of my anointing as an Artist, Teacher and Healer of The Lords, is my absolute Joy. 

The intersection of his presence in my Life, is the place that brings me the most fulfillment and the place where he pours out his unfathomable Love for me and the work he designed for me, to be able to share The Heart of The Father, with others. 

Keep Your Eyes on The Light, is the Inspired Vehicle from which I get to serve, create and contribute to your tangible vision of Heaven and Earth!



About the Artist

The Creative Process

About the Artist

Adorning the Present

Born an artist and raised in Wales, UK, Ceri Jones (The meaning of Ceri, in Welsh is Love) now lives for most of the year, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The concept of us, individually and collectively, being here on earth, at this time, on purpose, having each a part to play in the whole story of Creation, drives Ceri's being like an unrelenting fire! 

Ceri revels in an organic, co-creative process, based on serving the needs of the people she is always being meticulously designed and prepared for – all within the framework of working for the very highest possibilities of Love and Light.

Living in the intersection of Heaven and Earth, her mission is to positively impact the development of human potential by igniting and fueling creativity, within herself, People and Places, while keeping her eyes on the Light.

Creating Working Art Sculptures and transformational programs, for people, communities and corporations, Ceri can't help but to make tangible, living and breathing environments that produce an atmosphere of infinite and exponential growth, productivity and beauty.

Working Art The Whole Way


The Creative Process

The Creative Process

The Creative Process

Co-Creating the Future

In June 2016. I was moving through the 4th annual mark of my late husbands passing. Staying Inspired in my studio, I was being soothed by the motion of plasma cutting spirals, into a piece of sheet steel, that I had on hand for our students to create with during our weekly Plasma cutting class. The rhythmic peace, kept me cutting, one, two, three and then, boom.....the inspiration hit me, if I kept going, I could weld together a sphere! I had designed and made my very first 3ft round lighting sphere with my late husband 6 years prior. Khabir made the metal framework for me, as I had no idea how to weld at the time! I fabricated the textile element with 3 inch long, white faux fur that wrapped the sphere, becoming the first Lighting Sculpture, named the "Furry Moon", that lit up the nights atmosphere!

Back to 2016! I felt every spiral that I cut,  allowed the Light to emanate, an extraordinary beauty! Casting out shadows, bringing Love, Healing and Majesty into the atmosphere! Which left me hungry to do more!

The next project  I'm dreaming about, is someone handing me the keys to a 100ft tall, entrance hall, ballroom or more, somewhere in the World, with 3 words only! Do Your Thing!

Making  Ideas  Tangible, as we , Make Tangible Ways!