Commission Story

This beauty happened as one of my students, Steve Pinetti, that I get to make bigger projects with, was wanting to make a light for a friends house in Scottsdale. It was a 2 storey town house with an over sized entrance height and the perfect opportunity to make the second Spiral Light in the type of space, i'd been dreaming about, since the first 3ft round sphere I made! So, I offered Steve the opportunity to work off my design. There was an issue of space to go bigger than the 3ft round sphere but an opportunity to go longer. Steve and his friend didn't necessarily want an identical copy, so it became a natural solution to go oval. We almost didn't get the oval in the building either but with a push and a big tuck, it was in. Using the same design and methods, during the process, I got inspired to keep the repetition momentum and make Tangible, all the other shapes and sizes, I'd been dreaming about. So another All Around Win Win!

Love, Ceri