Hearts Gardens

Cutting out Fear to Live in Love

The Intention is to remind Everyone that they are Loved and Appreciated in a Tangible Way - Working Art The Whole Way!

Planting a Heart Garden at Ryan House

Ryan house is one of only 3 Children's Hospice facilities in the US and is completely funded by donations and a deeply Loving Community   https://www.ryanhouse.org/ 

Join the #HeartGardeners

For every 10 Hearts, I make for you and your Loved ones Gardens, I take a big Red Heart Gift on behalf of us all and plant it in view of one our first responder and critical worker sites, to share our LOVE & APPRECIATION with and for them.

Heart Gardens

Story of the Heart Gardens

In response to Covid-19, my spirit lead me to cut out fear by cutting out Metal Hearts and welding each one to a stake, to be put in the ground and to place out front of The Collaboratory and our neighbors, on the edge of our busy road, University Drive, in Mesa AZ. In view for ALL passers by, to be filled with Hope and be reminded of how Loved and Appreciated each one of them are. 

Shortly after installation, a number of People knocked on the door and asked if we could make some for them to add to their environments and spread the Love, Hope and Appreciation further. And, so it is, that the time has called for more and we've responded. We've started with a range of Red, Cranberry and Magenta and have just added the color Blue, since the Major announced, lets Light up Arizona Blue, in appreciation of all first repsonders and critical workers! Most recently, we have added Purple Hearts, further to a divine patron wanting to represent her Husbands bravery through epilepsy, which is also close to my Heart and of course this also has other significant symbolism for Hero's.

In addition. For every 10 Hearts I make for you, I take a Large Red Heart Gift, from all of us and plant it at the site of some of our local first repsonders and critical work areas. So far, that's been, Fire stations, Hospitals, Homeless and Food aid organizations and they have been so delighted and thankful for the Love gifts.......

We are close to 300 Hearts made and planted in yours and your Familes homes, which translates to us being able to be planting 30  free Love gifts at First Responder and Care Sites, on behalf of us all!

If you want to adorn your own Garden with a single or a bunch of Hearts, or plant a Heart in a Loved ones Garden, just click  BUY YOURS HERE  or the button to the right and join us in spreading the LOVE. 

If your Local, you have the option of collecting or delivery and if your far and wide, the system will calculate your shipping on checkout.

With Love, Appreciation and Wellness Wishes to YOU!